Distributors Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions to become an Independent Member of Creative Dreams International Sdn. Bhd., PT Creative Dreams International and Creative Dreams E-Learning (India) Pvt Ltd (the "Company") products and services:

  1. I am of legal age 18 years old when I enter into these terms and conditions.
  2. Upon acceptance of this application by the Company, I shall hereby become an independent member of the Company, as my own business and not as an employee or agent of the company. As an independent member I shall adhere to all laws covering such status as required under the laws of Malaysia, Indonesia, India and others.
  3. I shall not introduce and /or sell any other products or services not approved by the Company through my membership network in the Company
  4. I shall indemnify the Company from and against all liabilities legal or otherwise, whatsoever which may result from actions, omissions and representation of statements made by me as an independent member.
  5. I agree to comply with the Company, Marketing and Compensation Plan as set forth in official the Company literature and manual, observe the spirit as well as the current the Company rules of conduct including but not limited to the business guide, code of ethics, policies and procedures as modified from time to time and abide by the requirement set forth in the Direct Sales Act 1993. I understand that my membership may be revoked if I fail to comply with the above conditions.
  6. I agree to pay my taxes due resulting from the operation of my independent membership in the Company
  7. I shall not make use of any trademarks or trade names owned by the Company other than officially released materials provided for member use.
  8. I agree to and accept the Company, policy which prohibits the purchase of the products and/or services in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for advancement in the Company Compensation Plan.
  9. I shall not assign my membership business to any person or business entity.
  10. In order to maintain a viable marketing system and comply with changes in applicable laws or economic conditions, the Company reserves the right to change prices, policy, literature and /or Company Compensation Plan as required from time to time and I shall abide by such new changes.
  11. Any payments made to Creative Dreams International Sdn Bhd for the purpose of establishing a Support Centre are not refundable.
  12. Will not sell or resell the Company products lower than the selling prices fixed by the Company
  13. Husband and wife cannot be enrolled or sponsored individually as two dependent membership business of the Company
  14. If I decide not to continue as a member, I may submit my resignation at any time, upon giving 30 days written notice to the Company and I may keep my sales kit but I shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.
  15. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions does not constitute the sale of a franchise or territory and no fees have been paid or will be charged for this right to distribute. The Company's products pursuant to this Terms and Conditions are not intended and shall not construe to create a relationship of employment, agency, joint venture or partnership between the member and the Company
    1. a. The Distributors are only entitle to enjoy Royalty Income/Bonus provided he or she is actively participate and/or involve in the business activity and/or attend and/or participate in weekly functions, monthly seminars, company convention and/or company events/functions at least in his/her respective zone.
    2. b. The Distributors who are not actively involved and/or participate in any Company functions/ seminar/events as mentioned in Clause 16(a) above for a continuous period of 3 months are not entitle to enjoy and/or will not be paid any Royalty Income/Bonus by the Company into their account
  16. The Distributors who are entitled to enjoy One Leg Royalty Income are not allowed to and/or cannot make direct withdrawal from the Company and they can only convert their web dollar through and/or with their respective networker and/or other members of the company.
  17. the Company reserves the right to cancel and terminate any member who is inactive, in business development for one [1] year or fails to abide by the terms and conditions stated or directly and indirectly spreads or causes to spread any rumors, remarks, articles, literature and odium or act in a manner detrimental or contrary to the interest of the company. Such termination shall be without compensation of any kind to the member but without prejudice to the Company, right to institute whatever legal proceeding deemed necessary for the recovery of any sum or prestige lost and good will suffered by the Company
  18. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the country and all claims, disputes and other matters between parties of these Term and Conditions shall be brought to the appropriate court of law.
  19. I agree that shall there be any error in the interpretation of contents in all company materials in Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese, the English text shall prevail and be binding.
  20. I acknowledge that I have read and understood and agree to the terms set forth in this document.
  21. I must not be involved in other business which is relevant to the Company otherwise all my existing Bonus will be forfeited and my entire network will be terminated.
  22. Terms & Conditions of the BUY BACK POLICY

    The Company is agreeable to the BBP of 90% full refund subject to the following terms & conditions;

    1. The online codes must be submitted within a maximum period of 6 months together with a letter to state the reason for the request of refund.
    2. The online codes must not be activated, so as to ensure that it has not been used.
    3. Upon activation of the online codes it does not entitled the subscriber a full 90% refund but the refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

    The payment in respect of 90% Buy Back Policy will only be paid to the Distributors after deducting any bonus/bonuses paid to the respective Distributor and/or his/her Introducer and/ or any other networkers in relation to the participation of the Distributor in his business activity.