About Roony & Pals...

CREATIVE DREAMS INTERNATIONAL BRINGS YOU..The first locally produced Online English E-Learning Programme complete with Puppets & 2D Animation for your children's Foundation to learn effective English at a tender Age of 1 and above.

"Roony and Pals" is the Brainchild of our President Mr. K. Thinesh Kumar whose ulterior aim is to produce an International standard E-Learning English Programme to uplift the standard of English not only for the present generation in Malaysia but Children Worldwide.

As the world is moving into the Webucation era, parents are becoming more conscious about their children's future. With this in mind, they embark on exposing their children at a tender age of 1 year and above with the hope of preparing them for a lucrative future. Parents are aware that if the foundation of a a child is built at a very young age, their path in Education and Future will be promising.

Since English is the medium of Communication worldwide, if our children's English foundation is not developed at a tender age, they will face numerous hurdles to pursue their tertiary education. With this in mind, the Management Team in Creative Dreams International embark on a MISSION to develop the 1st Online English Programme, together with a Team of Highly Experienced Puppeteers and Animators Locally and abroad.

CDI has finally created HISTORY in producing a VISION WORLDWIDE.