About Focus A...

Focus A is an e-learning programme which has been developed by a team of qualified teachers together with the integration of Internet and according to the education system in Malaysia. It is a total solution for the difficulties encountered by the students and parents. The students can gauge their effectiveness and capabilities in the Focus A Programme. After pursuing the programme, the students will be able to attempt the examinations with confidence and obtain excellent results.

By enrolling into the Focus A Programme there will be complete interaction between parent and child, with Focus A Programme the parents can keep track of their child's progress through the access of our Web Report Card & SMS feature 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year anytime, anywhere.

The key to accomplish good grades are both Input and Output Learning - the ability to absorb, retrieve and apply what the students have studied and learned. To excel, your children needs to do both Input and Output Learning. Input learning are the process of effective reading, studying, memorizing & listening. Output learning is applying what has been learned.

We have invested millions in developing this ultimate tool in our e-learning programme that has been specially designed by IT Experts to be in line with the local school curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education.

We will help and guide your children to - BE EXAM READY & EXCEL the impossible to gear them to be examination orientated. "Practice makes perfect". The will to succeed is important but what's even more important is the positiveness in oneself.

Our programme will benefit your children with our learning methodology consisting of Input, Output, Voice over explanation by teachers, Online Live Teaching & Forum sessions for the students. When comes the examination day, your children will sail through the challenge with full of confidence and be able to obtain straight A+.